Types of Printers for different Purposes

Now is the time to buy printers as prices are crashing, and many stores are offering huge discounts on printers.What possibly could you be waiting for?

However, before you hastily go and get one of these printers, there are a few factors you must consider.

#1: Consider Your Need

The first thing to consider before buying a printer is the need. This means, what Nature of business or operation do you want to use it for? The best way is to access your need and pick one that meets your needs.  These are the following types of printer you can choose depending on your need.

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#2: The Home Manager

If you run a small home business or say you take care of bills, help the kids with their homework, or even print out your shopping list.This kind of requirement doesn’t need a lot of printing,but you still need to print everything from coupons to your bills, paperwork, homework, etc. Then you’ll need a versatile and affordable printer.

A color inkjet printer is most recommended as it’ll give you the versatility you need and are very affordable. You can find good ones under $100 at 123Ink.ca.

#3: The Wordsmith

Are you a writer? Maybe, you could even be a journalist. Then you’ll require a printer that can print numerous pages on the double. In this case, color is not a priority,but speed and quality are.

In this case, you’ll need a laser printer. Although this type of printer is more expensive than the inkjet, its speed and printing quality is second to none. You can see great deals starting from $200.

#4: The Boss

You have a big business or a small one that requires printing, photocopying, scanning, and copying of tax forms or other documents. Then you need an all round durable, dependable and easy-to-use printer.

A multifunction printer is exactly what you need. This kind printer saves the day and allows you to perform all these operations. They are affordable and could make your business look like a fortune 500 company.

#5: The Photography Buff

If you are a photographer or you have a digital camera and always take pictures anywhere you are. Then you’ll needa quality color printer that prints the best pictures.

Aphoto printer will give you the best pho in range of sizes. You can get them for as low as $300.


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