The “Fake” ICO/Blockchain Advisor Problem: Many ICO companies was a victim of this

If you make a quick search at LinkedIn using the terms “ICO Advisor” or “Blockchain Advisor”, there are more than 5,962 results.

Many of them are self-claimed ICO experts, and when you want to work with them, they ask always for an advance payment to consider working with you.

You think that they are professionals and you make a legal contract with them, only to see this “ICO expert” to do nothing in the project. Many of them are just claiming a payment, just because his/her name is with the project.

There is a very interesting discussion at LinkedIn regarding this problem, where Liliia Shevtsova, an insightful ITO Advisor wrote what she thought about the problem:

All Advisors and ICO projects I’m working with are effective and proven. But now there are a lot of Advisors on the crowdsale market so you can get confused and get lost.

Do not be afraid to carefully study Advisor’s experience and the real value for your project they can bring.

One of these days I communicated with the potential Advisor. He suggested his marketing with own channel. He wanted an advance payment of 3 ETH. I told him: “let’s make conf call and discuss what the project will receive if we pay you advanced payment”.

He really escaped from direct questions and told that 3 ETH is his price on the market. No conf call after my questions, no any answers. I’m confused. It looks like a scam. Don’t clarify any name.

Now I am looking for Advisors with good network, experience and success stories for ICO projects with real product. Very interested in the market of Asia.

If you have any recommendations or you are ready personally please write me.

We encourage you to participate in the discussion, but you should be wondering why we are discussing this right now.

The reason is very simple: Many companies was a victim of three individuals who claimed to act as advisors to the company; did nothing and now they are spreading bad comments about the company and his team out there.

We were waiting for the right moment to write a detailed explanation what happened with these individuals and we wanted to have on board since the beginning of this.

So, we began a deep investigation about these self-proclaimed experts, and we wanted to share the results here.

First things first.

The three individuals are:

– Matyas Zaborszky

– Yogesh Dhiman

– Mike Gritsay

We discussed with the CEO and the Director of Human Resources of one of a company victim about a detailed report of their work for their ICO, and they shared this:

We have been a victim of blackmail with these individuals. They tried to scam our company. They sent us threaths about bad publicity about the company if we didn´t pay $20,000 USD.

We rejected the payments and they started a bad PR campaign against our company. They sent several death threaths to members of the Company team and to the partners of the company.

They used several fake accounts on key platforms on Internet to spread bad messages about the company.

We have gathered all this information and we are discussing with our lawyers how we could take legal actions against them.

But the real message to the world is: Double check your self-proclaimed ICO expert. Ask to your network. Ask for references. Ask for the work in other projects. Ask to the members of the team who worked with them. If your ICO

advisor is a professional and a transparent person, we will do this without hesitation.

If he/she don´t do it, that´s a red flag, and your company shouldn´t hire him/her.

We learned that from our mistake, and we can help to other Blockchain projects to fight against this problem.

Here, you can find the links claiming that Matyas is a scam:




Here´s the information we obtained from our sources:

Last name and first name: MATYAS ZABORSKY Date of Birth: January 6th, 1980

The names, nickname and accounts that he and his team uses on the forums in general: Matyas, davidanderson23, sanjivrathore, David, User43756, David George…….

Telephone number used: +1 786 614 21 91 or +36 20 969 9699 Linkedin profile:

Facebook profile: matyas.zaborszky


Website: Twitter:

Identity Card Number (from Hungary): 195444SA

If you have been a victim, please send us a message to

Name and Last Name: YOGESH DHIMAN Email: Passport number: G6943466

Linkedin Account: Fiverr account:

Accounts and nickname he uses in general: It has several different accounts, so far we have identified the following nicks: “sanjivrathore”, “davidanderson23”, “DAVID”, “User43756”, “David George” and “YOGESH “

Telephone: +919540360830 WhatsApp: +919540360830

LinkedIn profile:

Beware of this scam and contact us at: if you have any information.

Name and Last Name: Mykhailo Grytsai


Passport number: EH611704

Valid Identity document number: RP7262067

Domiciled for this purpose in Cracow

Telephone: +48 884 094 869 Telegram: +48 884 094 869 WhatsApp: +48 884 094 869

LinkedIn profile:

Take Action Now

We learned from our mistakes, and we are encouraging to every cryptocurrency/Blockchain project to be transparent with their respective advisors.

If you have been a victim of this kind of scam for these individuals, or simply another “fake” ICO expert, please let us know and don´t hesitate to share a comment with the name.

We need to fight this problem together, so we are open to help to anyone with these issues.

James Johnson / Journalist Freelance New-York, May 31th, 2018

-Update Thursday 31 May 2018-

New interviews concerning SCAM MATYAS ZABORSZKY. https:// and https://


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