Should Your Business Offer Promotional Products for Repeat Customers?

Promotional products including mugs are not only useful for potential customers, but also for loyal, repeat ones. With affordable and simple gifts, marketers can maintain their presence in the market. Something as simple as a coffee mug or travel mug can make a customer’s day and show them that your business cares about them.

Here are reasons why repeat customers should be given promotional products:

  • They maintain goodwill: Goodwill may diminish when marketers stop interacting with loyal customers. Promotional products ensure that your presence is still felt in the market. Promotional products including promotional mugs should come with tangible messages as reminders for repeat customers. It will build a strong goodwill for your brand and company.
  • They advertise your products and services: Companies often release new products and services. If repeat buyers use older products, promotional items may be used to inform them about newer models and service programs. If you are planning to release new products in the near future, it is a good idea to prepare relevant promotional items as well.
  • They maintain customer relationships: Companies may permanently lose repeat buyers if customer relationships are not maintained. Repeat customers who enjoy excellent relationships with brands can become quality referrals. It is also important to be aware that competing companies often target your repeat buyers. If rivals promise better relationships, it is almost guaranteed that your customers will give their loyalty to your brand. If rivals already match the quality and price of your products, perceived indifference may become the next important factor. Once people start to become indifferent to your products, it is easier for them to switch to another brand. You may eliminate perceived indifference by maintaining customer relationships. Many repeat customers don’t respond well to email and phone calls, but they will have reinvigorated interest in your products, if you give them promotional products.
  • They represent your product quality: Promotional items remind people about your products. Repeat customers often focus on small details and if your promotional items have excellent quality, you reaffirm their trust. In a highly competitive market, people are demanding excellence and promotional products can help you achieve that.
  • They evoke subconscious awareness: When repeat customers start to grow indifferent to your products, it is important to evoke their subconscious awareness.
  • They renew first impression: First impressions don’t really last forever especially when people start to lose contact with your brand. Promotional products may renew a first impression and help people to remember what they feel when they saw your products for the first time. Repeat customers will reaffirm their loyalty to your products.

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