Outdoor Event Refrigeration

Perhaps you are holding an autumn fete, a Halloween event, a bonfire and fireworks display or plan to rustle up interest in your catering firm through food markets, county shows and Christmas fairs. Good luck. One question tough – have you arranged outdoor fridge trailer hire?

Any products, ingredients and samples served to members of the public must meet legislative demands so the refrigeration trailer and storage facilities must be hygienic, well maintained, fully operational and secure.

You’ll be pleased to learn that refrigeration rental is a highly cost-effective law abiding option. When you use the services of one of the leading companies, like the renowned and respected Icecool Trailers, you will have the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals who’re fully conversant with the law, how to ensure that you have a positive experience and enjoy competitive rates.

A quick check of online reviews will soon reveal the best, and the not so good, service providers. You don’t need to take fridge trailer hire from the nearest company. Icecool Trailers cover Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Midlands, South Wales, London and the Home Counties.

Flexibility is key; take refrigeration rental for any duration, in a variety of sizes and capacities. The facilities can be worked in so when, at many events, space is at a premium this won’t hamper operations or present quality issues.

At outdoor events, fridge trailers may be adjacent to a kitchen, on the street, in a car park, a barn or outbuilding. The units can be run via mains power or generator so the position of your stand and fridge trailer won’t result in a power problem.

  • The hire firm delivers and collects the hygienic, maintained refrigeration trailer. They set it up and down-power it.
  • Sizes include 2.4m and 3m.
  • All emergency and pre-booked refrigeration rental facilities meet current legislation.
  • Refrigeration trailers always look professional, a positive first impression works wonders.
  • Fridge trailers are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • The facilities are insured but the stock placed in them requires another insurance policy which it is the client’s responsibility to obtain.
  • Refrigeration rental periods are easily extendable.
  • Emergency hire services are available 24/7 from the best firms.

Forthcoming events in London:

  • Thanksgiving in London – 23rd
  • Andrews Day in London events – 30th November.
  • Christmas and New Year 2017 into 2018, across London.
  • Chinese New Year – February 2018.

In the south of England, Midlands and South Wales:

  • The Newbury Festive Food and Drink Market – 11th November 2017.
  • Winchester Farmers Market – Some Saturdays, the 2nd and final Sunday each month.
  • Penarth Farmer’s Market – 28th October, 25th November, 16th December 2017.
  • The Tiny Rebel Newport Food and Drink Festival, Newport city centre – 7th October 2017.
  • Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market and Craft Fair – 17th November – 29th December 2017.

When you sell or display your wares at any outdoor event, you never know who is trying your food. Make an excellent impression with optimum products that thrill consumers, critics, the press, your fellow exhibitors and vendors.

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