Louisiana Birth Certificate

You don’t always think about having a valid copy of a Louisiana birth certificate on hand, but when you actually need to produce one, the need is usually urgent. Don’t be caught off-guard when you’re told that you need a copy to verify your citizenship or identity for a job or identity theft dispute. Being prepared and having the right records available asap will solve situations like these more quickly. Registering your child for school also requires official documents like these to prove your guardianship and verify their identity. Nothing’s worse than having to delay a registration because you misplaced your child’s birth certificate!

The Hassle of Ordering Birth Certificates Yourself

If you or your child were born in Louisiana and need a valid copy of a birth certificate quickly, you know the struggle. In order to get a one, you need to download paperwork, print it out, then submit it to the state along with an old-fashioned check. The paperwork then goes through bureaucratic systems which result in long wait times, including the time in transit through snail mail both ways.

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On top of that, if anything is out of order with your paperwork, your Louisiana birth certificate application can get rejected and you have to start all over again. This is problematic when you need to verify your or your child’s identity as soon as possible.

Get it Done Right the First Time with FastBirthCertificates.com

When you’re juggling countless other responsibilities, the last thing you have time for is doing paperwork. This is why FastBirthCertificates.com is here for you. Our dedicated team of professionals is solely focused on processing birth certificate applications for busy people. All you need to do is fill out a brief questionnaire and send us a bit of identification and a signature.

Depending on the processing type you choose, we can expedite your application and get a birth certificate at your doorstep in as little as 4 business days! The risk of making errors in the form is also eliminated because doing paperwork is our day job. We also work directly with the state of Louisiana if anything needs to be sorted with your request. This leaves you free to take carry on with your life without worrying about pesky phone calls or long waits on hold with the state.

Order Your Louisiana Birth Certificate Today

FastBirthCertificates.com is the only A-rated BBB-accredited online birth certificate acquisition service. We make it incredibly easy and quick to order vital records like a Louisiana birth certificate so you won’t have to anxiously wonder about the status of your application. If you have any questions about how the process works, contact us anytime.

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