How to do captcha entry jobs to earn money online:

The captcha entry jobs is a kind of data entry jobs available on the internet to make money online. The captcha jobs are very easiest jobs that anyone can make it work for them. By spending a few hours every day, the captcha entry job worker can earn up to several dollars. This article explains what is captcha entry and how to earn money by doing captcha entry jobs.

What is captcha?

The captcha is an online security program that protects the users from the automatic bots and unwanted programmers. The captcha is used on most of the online applications to process the anti bot functionalities.

What is captcha entry?

The captcha entry is the process of solving the captcha and proving that the action is performed by the human and not a programmed bot or similar programs. The captcha entry involves in typing the human readable part inside the text box. Captcha entry processing is really if the case is handled by the human and it is very hard to operate a programmable bot to fill in the process.

The captcha entry jobs:

The captcha entry jobs are similar to the jobs done in the PTC sites. It is simpler and do not need no experience as they ask in the some of the freelance sites out there on the internet.

The captcha entry jobs are the process of doing some of the job organized by the services that require automation. As I said earlier, the captcha is the online programs that are particularly created to block the unwanted bots and the programs that try to automate the third party protected service.

The companies and organizations overcome this problem by making use of the captcha entry services. The captcha entry services will have a set of people working on their site to fill captchas.

The captcha entry sites usually pay up to $0.0015 for solving a captcha. To solve the captcha, all we need to do is to enter the characters and the alphabets given on the image in the given text box. Once entered, the submit button has to be clicked and which is, of course, easier to hit the enter button.

By the way, the process continues as long as the availability of the captcha is displayed. The more captcha you can enter at a certain speed, the more you can earn. Captcha solving job is free and does not pay any registration fees to join the job.     

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