Crowdfunding for medical students

Higher education in India is unaffordable for a large section of people. One may say that public education is cheaper than most of the countries offering quality education (India’s academia, obstacles notwithstanding, is amazing). But the average daily income here is pathetically low, meaning that a majority of the population has trouble accessing higher education even if they want to.

This is not the only problem that plagues medical sciences in this country. There is a worrying shortage of doctors mostly because the government machinery is limited by stringent standards coupled with a woeful shortage of seats in the colleges. Whatever your opinions on private education maybe, it really helps in dealing with such problems. The drawbacks can, of course, be addressed if all the players in the field pledge to maintain standards and have rigorous quality control measures. Lives are, after all, not playthings. This is a huge challenge surely, but the bigger challenge is affording that education. You did not make it to a government medical college just for a few marks in your entrance examinations, you don’t have the means to afford a private education. What do you do?

You go for crowdfunding. Arm yourself with the proper means to convince patrons, and you are set. There are a few crowdfunding sites specifically dedicated to medical education in Asia and Africa. But the chances are really limited there thanks to their strict requirements and a very large target audience. So even if you think of such platforms, you should always consider localized crowdfunding platforms with good reputation and reach. And this is where Crowdfunding India comes in.

Here are some things you should keep in mind before putting up your appeal in platforms like Impact Guru :

  • Start your fundraiser as early as possible. There is not much of a window period between publication of entrance results and admission to the colleges. And there are zillions of deserving candidates each year.
  • Work hard. The better your results, the better your chances to get through to the top colleges and universities. And the better your chances of making your investors having faith in you. Nothing speaks like a good rank.
  • Make a credible portfolio so that investors are convinced. Go to the websites and check out how to do so. Remember that you are asking absolute strangers to trust you with a lot of money. Sounds incredible, right?

With these things in mind, you should be set. Remember the key lies in keeping your options open. Do not be disheartened at any cost. Hard work combined with optimism always pays off. And with increasing online options, we are much better disposed than our previous generations towards getting our education funded, public or private.

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